San Domingo

We flew separately to San Domingo. ( I am not sure why. Maybe it was the royalty thing – we were two important to share the same plane or maybe there wasn’t one big enough for the three of us -you take your pick) . I had forgotten (not deliberately) my regulation tee shirt and just hoped I would spot Pastor Poisson (I had seen him on video). The arrival hall was packed as it always is in these occasions with family and friends eagerly awaiting their loved ones retun and screeching and cheering with children running wildly as the exiles came through the door. One couple met half way down the ramp and embraced and quite lost themselves in the unbounded joy of the union. They seemed quite oblivious to the throngs watching till they were finally brought back to reality with the spontaneous applause they provoked. One group was met with a little band accordion, drum, shaker and clapping that surrounded them and followed them out of the building into the balmy night. But I couldn’t find the pastor. I asked two look likely suspects but neither were him. By a miracle, going back and forward through the crowd, I spotted a small piece of ripped-off paper in someone’s hand with the word “Crawford” on it and I smiled.

1 thought on “San Domingo

  1. Hi Crawford,

    Pat and I wish you well on your trip. I will mention your messages at Christmas lunch tomorrow at St Michael’s.

    I am amused at your remarks about flying separately. Pat and I were once asked to fly in seperate flights when we were about to board a De Havilland Dragonfly biplane at Duxford.

    Apparently, the seventy odd year old craft was deemed a risk, and the idea of losing all the people from one practice should the plane crash would not bode well for the host, our Graphical software supplier who was based in Cambridge.

    We decided that we would enjoy the experience by going together, and a marvellous experience it was; the most magical and unworldly flight I ever experienced.

    And now, I am not allowed to fly, because of a physical abnormality I have always had, but only recently discovered. Sometimes it is better not to know.

    Anyway, excuse my ramblings, and enjoy another wonderful experience.

    God bless you all.


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