I was with an American friend after a walk along the north sands at St Andrews and casually mentioned that this was where the opening scenes from ”Chariots of Fire” were shot.  His eyes lit up, “Eric Liddle” he said “was my hero”.  After a pause he asked “and who is your’s, who is your hero?” It is of course one of these impossible questions to answer like “name your top ten films” “what was the highlight of the holiday?” “If your home is on fire and you could rescue three things, what would they be?” (I remember Ricky Gervais being asked that same question on a radio chat show . He parried it by saying he had no idea. But the interviewer pressed him so he said “well, maybe, my golf clubs.” Pressed again he said “my CD collection” he couldn’t think of a third but the interviewer pushed him hard so finally he said “well, one of the twins”.)  I just couldn’t think, at the time, but did later and this is my list. They are all flawed of course.  I don’t know most of them personally and principally through the medium of their work. I wouldn’t necessarily agree or stand with them on every issue but I regard them as heroes nevertheless.  I have left out family and close friends and my only true hero, Jesus Christ, but here is the list, in no particular order:


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