As the days and hours slip away from another year, another significant milestone, there is just a hint, the merest of hints, that it is not just the year that is turning but attitudes too.  The seemingly impenetrable edifice constructed, no doubt in great care, over the past two years, shows signs of crumbling. Cracks are appearing and there is a growing sense that those who championed the worldwide Covid narrative, who confidently rode the wave over governments, media and people’s lives might find themselves on the wrong side of history. The very place they had consigned their adversaries.  Inevitably, a house built on falsehood and half-truths will fall.

The signs can be seen in the media where journalist who have taken the king’s shilling, sense the reckoning is coming and are creeping out from under the woodwork to find a safe place on the right side. We now know the story and maybe it’s time, as some have suggested, to start clapping for the conspiracy theorists. Turns out they were right all along and we were wrong. If it looks like a conspiracy and smells like a conspiracy, it probably is a conspiracy and all of that will spill in time, when and if one honest journalist can ferret it out.

The main players the global predators will already be looking for a safe sanctuary somewhere, leaving all the middle people and useful idiots to face the anger of the mob. For anger there certainly will be, once those who have paid the price of the folly realise how they have been deceived. Those who feel that their trust has been betrayed. The people who have suffered, who lost relatives without the comfort of saying goodbye those whose children lost a year of learning and socialising, those who lost their jobs, businesses and livelihoods without compensation, those who have missed out on critical treatment, who died for lack of early interventions, those whose lives were unnecessarily mucked about having to follow idiotic instructions which made no sense and those whose delicate mental health was callously ignored… and for what? …for what? The anger is building; it may morph into rage. The threatening tones can already be heard and this is what worries me.

I fear that many will be looking for blood. When a government, a system has been overthrown it most often becomes ugly and bloody. The Ceaușescus’ Ghaddafi’s, and Saddam’s’ demise was not pretty. These examples are pretty extreme, of course, nevertheless the possibility of a terrible backlash is very real and it would be wise to do what we can to ameliorate it and avoid the situation descending into chaos   It will need something more than just another lengthy and expensive public enquiry. A Truth and Justice Commission might be more the kind of thing, where the people involved can feel free to tell the whole truth without fear of prosecution.

People need to know. They need to know: why their relatives were sent to care homes to die, why isolating the population in lock-down restrictions was the only intervention considered, why previous plans for a pandemic were abandoned, why the advice of so many scientists and public health experts for focused protection and natural immunity were ignored, why the politicians and those making the rules didn’t themselves believe there was any danger, why fear was weaponised, why drug companies were given immunity from prosecution, as well as what actually was going on in Wuhan. People do need to know and there can never be any resolution until they do.

My hope and my prayer for 2022 is that this can be done peacefully, honestly and transparently and that people of character and integrity can rise to the occasion, step into the breach and show the way, out of, what could otherwise be, a great and historic tragedy.  

12 thoughts on “THE TURNING OF THE YEAR

  1. Thanks for this hopeful post Crawford. I’m wondering where you are seeing signs of changing attitudes among journalists. Perhaps you could point to them. Among my networks I’m afraid I am still seeing a resolute determination to believe the official narrative, though I am also dealing pastorally with people who have lost loved ones because they were denied the health care they needed. In one case, I have a church member whose husband had been living successfully with heart failure thanks to monthly checkups and appropriate treatment, but all that was stopped “because of Covid”, and he has now died. I do sense that many people are completely fed up with the chaotic leadership we have endured over the past 2 years, but am not yet so confident that the official narrative will change any time soon. But I’d love to be proved wrong!

    • I could be quite wrong on that. It was just some small hints – something Piers Morgan said that suggested he was wriggling out of his Covid enthusiast position and a couple of pieces in the MSM: one saying that only 1 in 5 “Covid” deaths were actually caused by Covid and how the Nudge unit was used to push compliance. But these were all second hand and I will look for the sources. But you are probably right, rather than a change there is more likely to be a doubling down.

    • No, No I don’t have any evidence that the politicians and advisors didn’t believe their own message. On the other hand, I don’t have any evidence that they did in fact believe. I can only go with my assessment of what is the most likely and the conduct of those making the rules, from the start, kind of give the show away for me. If you really believed that there was a deadly virus lurking around in the air and in friend and stranger alike, would you treat it so casually that you would feel free to: throw your arms around other G8 leaders with your face uncovered after the photo was taken, meet up with your girlfriend across town, travel to a castle to test your eyes, take your family off to a holiday home, go up and down to London when you knew you had it, embrace your secretary, have parties at work, joke about it or think that while everyone else was in danger you were somehow immune? To my mind that all goes to show they didn’t believe it.

  2. I like the suggestion that we clap the ‘conspiracy theorists’. Unfortunately, the term seems to me to be a sleight of hand, used a lot in the past two years to casually avoid engaging with alternative viewpoints (similar to the way people use words like ‘denier’ and ‘anti-science’). But, if there is at least an inch of truth in Franklin D Roosevelt’s claim that ‘in politics, nothing happens by accident’ and that ‘if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way’, then we have to be grateful to the so called conspiracy theorists – i.e those few brave journalists, scientists, medics and even the odd member of parliament who have dared to analyse and critique the official COVID narrative.

  3. In the 1970s I had a regular third year lesson conspiracy theories (linked to the question of belief and faith) and we played around with the No-Moon-Landing one (which had occurred to me as I watched the landing on TV in 1969. ) To make that one work you have to have a very elaborate fabric to establish the motivation and the cover. I think your one re Covid, Crawford, is on that scale. Not that that makes it impossible but by Occam’s Razor it seems more sensible to go for the simpler explanations which are to hand.

  4. It’s definitely all unraveling. Every day now there seem to be a few more voices of dissent and green shoots of civil disobedience. At the same time, those most heavily invested in the whole thing are becoming increasingly deranged.

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