Everlasting Arms

Recently we were at wedding of a good friend. We had known her since she was quite young and it was a special joy to watch her grow and become the person that she is today. We shared many things over the years, including the playing and singing of songs together in a church band and it seemed fitting that I should write something for her and her husband on their special day.  It was not a specifically wedding song and strangely it has been most appreciated by those coming to terms with bereavement and loss. So for celebration or loss and for it’s worth you can find it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4FXdR6-D98&feature=youtube_gdata


There is a bond so strong and sure

Through changing times it will endure

No one on earth can every break

No power in hell can separate

There is a hope I know is true

It keeps me sane and pulls me through

Just like the sun shines on my face

I feel the warmth of his embrace

And when the storms are all around

When faith is weak hope almost is gone

He will protect me from all harm

For underneath are the everlasting arms

There is a friend and I know he’s there

He lifts me up and hears my prayer

When I fail to see or understand

Yet still he holds me in his hand

And when the storms are all around

My faith is weak my hope is gone

He’ll  keep me safe from life’s alarms

For underneath are the everlasting arms

There is a place where I belong

That knows no tears or pain or wrong

Where death is dead and night is day

Where sin and sorrow are washed away

And I long to be there in that place

To hear my name and see his face

But until then I will fear no harm

For underneath are the everlasting arms

Crawford Mackenzie ©2013 Tollcross Songs

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