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I can’t pretend that I am a fan of weddings. I just can’t get excited about the details, the outfits, the flowers, the hair, the cake, the photographs, the music, the waiting around, the hours mingling with glass in hand, trying hard to make conversations, the partying before and after and the mountains of work in preparation and the outrageous cost that goes into just one day. But… and here is the strange thing, there is nothing that moves me so much, that chokes me up and causes tears to dribble down my face as that moment when you see the bride, radiant and beautiful, the friend, the niece, the sister, the daughter approaching with such confidence and poise, the one you have known for years or for just a little while, perhaps you have watched her grow from childhood and you see her now as you have never done before. Immediately all the mean thoughts are banished. She is worth every bit of it, all the work and all the expense. Nothing is to be spared for this, her day.  And then you catch the look on the bridegroom’s face and see the sheer delight in his eyes and the sense of unbounded joy that fills the whole place… and I am converted.

It is something that is very hard to explain or to understand but yesterday as we were basking in the wonder of Jesus’ first recorded miracle, the turning of water into wine at Cana -the subject of the sermon at our evening service, we were beginning to.

Crawford Mackenzie

the band

Covenant Love

I listened to a very powerful and moving sermon last night. It was about marriage. It was not about the how to, the problems, the disintegration, the redefinition, or about the pathetic futility of trying to play around with, tamper or trample over something so precious and so beautiful. It was about a wedding that the whole of history and the cosmos is preparing for. It was about the pictures, the drama, the songs, the poetry and the demonstrations of covenant love woven through the pages of the bible, from beginning to end. It was about the one single event around which the whole purpose of existence is focussed, stretching, longing and aching for. It was about the ultimate drama which shapes our lives and is lived out even in our fragmented, disintegrated and dysfunctional relationships. It was about the final consummation of the restless longing that is indelibly printed in our hearts. It would be very hard to think of a bigger or grander theme.  It was simply breathtakingly.

It was Mike Reeves on “The Lord’s Delight” and you can hear it at

Crawford Mackenzie

Everlasting Arms

Recently we were at wedding of a good friend. We had known her since she was quite young and it was a special joy to watch her grow and become the person that she is today. We shared many things over the years, including the playing and singing of songs together in a church band and it seemed fitting that I should write something for her and her husband on their special day.  It was not a specifically wedding song and strangely it has been most appreciated by those coming to terms with bereavement and loss. So for celebration or loss and for it’s worth you can find it at


There is a bond so strong and sure

Through changing times it will endure

No one on earth can every break

No power in hell can separate

There is a hope I know is true

It keeps me sane and pulls me through

Just like the sun shines on my face

I feel the warmth of his embrace

And when the storms are all around

When faith is weak hope almost is gone

He will protect me from all harm

For underneath are the everlasting arms

There is a friend and I know he’s there

He lifts me up and hears my prayer

When I fail to see or understand

Yet still he holds me in his hand

And when the storms are all around

My faith is weak my hope is gone

He’ll  keep me safe from life’s alarms

For underneath are the everlasting arms

There is a place where I belong

That knows no tears or pain or wrong

Where death is dead and night is day

Where sin and sorrow are washed away

And I long to be there in that place

To hear my name and see his face

But until then I will fear no harm

For underneath are the everlasting arms

Crawford Mackenzie ©2013 Tollcross Songs